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Changing the world with socks, is that possible?

Hi, I'm Alex, the founder of MSTRY and I believe in changing the world with socks.

Learn more about me, the founding story, our values ​​or our production. You can follow us on our journey on our IG channel @mstry_berlin.

MSTRY Gründer Alex Nicolaus, vor dem Brandenburger Tor. Vor ihm das dropp delivery Fahrrad. Er trägt einen Helm und hält die Wake Up Socke hoch.
Gründer Alex, im Park. Er trägt die Call Me Daddy Socken und hält seine kleine Tochter nach oben.

the MSTRY story

In November 2020 my little daughter Rubi Sophie was born. I was still employed at adidas back then. But since the birth I knew that I would later be able to tell my daughter more than: Your dad made really great Powerpoints.

I want to change the world, if only a little. I want to have done something to ensure that my daughter gets the same opportunities that I had.

So I founded the statement brand MSTRY in 2021 to draw attention to social issues through messages on sustainable clothing.

More about our values ​​here

social commitment

But how do I save the world with statement socks? The really special thing about our socks is: a clear, striking statement on the ankle.

Whether a vulva as a signal against body shaming, a smiley for mental health, the saying "You Don't Own Me" against catcalling or a burning earth with the slogan "Wake Up" as a signal against climate change.

For me, fashion is a lever to start conversations and to draw attention to important topics. I want to support organizations that are committed to these issues. That's why I decided to donate 1€ per sock.

Discover the donation organizations here
Eine Represäntantin der Berliner Stadtmission und Gründer Alex Nicolaus halten ein Spendenscheck im Wert von 2.000€
Die Pommes Socken liegen auf einem roten Hintergrund.

Socks from Portugal from leftover cotton

Why the name? MSTRY, for "mastery" - to perfect something, to master. It was clear to me from the start that I wanted to combine two things: the focus on sustainability and the power of clothing. In the form of socks, because they are rarely returned and make a great gift.

MSTRY socks are made in a family business in Portugal, 75 percent of "hydrocycled cotton". These are leftovers, offcuts from GOTS-certified cotton that accumulate during clothing production and actually end up in the garbage. (Not only) for the socks, the fabric is sorted by colour, unraveled and processed into new yarn.

More about sustainability

Buy the statements here

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Boob's socks

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Fuck you socks

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