Mstry Berlin

Fuck you socks



🐰 Bad Bunny and €1 for supporting Mental Health.

A discreet fuck you under the jeans can work wonders. 1€ per sock goes to the Mental Health Initiative.

The white tennis socks consist of 75% soft Hydrocycled® Cotton that is usually thrown away. Below the sock waistband there is a pink bunny. Below that is the message Fuck You.

    🌿 Hydrocycled cotton made from reused cotton
    😌 Comfortable French terry on the floor
    💪 Firm hold in the forefoot area

    75% GOTS cotton, 23% polyester, 2% elastane

    Wash according to washing instructions at a maximum of 40°

    🌎 Hydrocycled cotton

    All MSTRY socks are made from "hydrocycled cotton", where cotton is reused. In this way we reduce waste and the need for new raw materials.

    Die Pommes Socken liegen auf einem roten Hintergrund.
    Weibliche Person trägt die F*CK YOU Socken.

    ❤️Social Statements

    MSTRY donates 1% of each sock to social organizations and creates limited statement designs that donate to selected projects.